R-Mail is now running ‘recommend feeds’

February 14, 2006

Chris Nolan

Randy updated R-mail over the weekend and he’s now putting in a list of ‘recommend feeds’ into each message sent out.


R|mail offline

February 11, 2006

Aleksey Baulin

Blogs are such pain in the ass, pardon my french. I simply don’t have the time online to read them, and that hurts a lot. I am using the R|Mail blog to email service now to get all blog entries in my email that is downloaded to my notebook, and then I read it all offline. Still, it’s not perfect at all. A blog entry in full is a rare species. Usually it’s a thing with a “more? link that you have to click on to read the complete entry. So the rest of the entry does not make it to my email. Oh well. I think you can feel my frustration now.

links for 2006-02-03

February 3, 2006

in over your head

January 3, 2006

subscribing via email

KBCafe appears to have come up with a pretty cool ’subscribe via email’ rss widget which allows users to, you guessed it, subscribe to an rss feed by email instead of through a regular rss reader.

RSS Applied

December 16, 2005

Offer Your Feed By Email

Many of your site’s visitors may not be aware they can receive your site updates by email, with no work on your part.  Until RSS readership is mainstream, capitalize on the fact that most everyone has email and knows how to use it.

Read more about Rmail.  Visit the Rmail site.

Chris Abraham

December 14, 2005

How to Access RSS Feeds Via Email

In the past it was a real pain in the ass to set up an RSS-to-Email bridge, but now you can give R|Mail a go.

R-Mail is a free tool that sends RSS feeds directly to your email address.

I am going to try it out now.

What is R-Mail good for? Doesn’t RSS-via-email defeat the purpose? Well, I thought so too, but here’s a compelling scenario:

Let’s say you want to receive RSS updates from your favorite website for blog immediately or via your Blackberry or other mobile device, well R|mail can take care of you while you’re mobile.

Great little tool that is super powerful and I am sure will be very successful.


Thought Flickr’s

November 30, 2005

Playing around with R|Mail

I find this a nefty little tool for myself. I use a blackberry 7250 , which does not have a RSS reader component for the device. So when on the road, I am blindsided – no feeds to read. So with Randy little Tool, I should be able to pipe rss content directly into my Inbox on Gmail, which in turn can be re-piped  anywhere else.   


November 25, 2005


I have to give kudos to the RSS tool I recently found, when searching for a simple way to add an email subscription option to this blog. I was not happy with the WordPress plugins that were designed to do that. Ideally, I wanted something that emails an RSS feed to the subscribers email address, and gives the option to unsubscribe. Also, I wanted it to be integrated into the site easily. I found a solution after a short Google search. RMail fills the position perfectly. You can see the new sub box to the right. It works flawlessly thus far, and also allows you to sign up for any RSS feed via email from their site.

What I Learned Today…

November 25, 2005

New blog posts via Email

Some people aren’t fans of RSS … or just don’t get it … for people like that there are 2 services (that I know of) that may be of interest to you. One I learned about awhile ago, Rmail lets you put in the address of the RSS feed you want to get via email (and your address of course) and it will send you updates when they’re available.

Jus de Blog

November 23, 2005

Flux RSS vs Landerneau

Des initiatives comme le logiciel Rmail permettant de recevoir par mail les flux RSS.