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RSS Applied

December 16, 2005

Offer Your Feed By Email

Many of your site’s visitors may not be aware they can receive your site updates by email, with no work on your part.  Until RSS readership is mainstream, capitalize on the fact that most everyone has email and knows how to use it.

Read more about Rmail.  Visit the Rmail site.


Chris Abraham

December 14, 2005

How to Access RSS Feeds Via Email

In the past it was a real pain in the ass to set up an RSS-to-Email bridge, but now you can give R|Mail a go.

R-Mail is a free tool that sends RSS feeds directly to your email address.

I am going to try it out now.

What is R-Mail good for? Doesn’t RSS-via-email defeat the purpose? Well, I thought so too, but here’s a compelling scenario:

Let’s say you want to receive RSS updates from your favorite website for blog immediately or via your Blackberry or other mobile device, well R|mail can take care of you while you’re mobile.

Great little tool that is super powerful and I am sure will be very successful.