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R-Mail is now running ‘recommend feeds’

February 14, 2006

Chris Nolan

Randy updated R-mail over the weekend and he’s now putting in a list of ‘recommend feeds’ into each message sent out.


R|mail offline

February 11, 2006

Aleksey Baulin

Blogs are such pain in the ass, pardon my french. I simply don’t have the time online to read them, and that hurts a lot. I am using the R|Mail blog to email service now to get all blog entries in my email that is downloaded to my notebook, and then I read it all offline. Still, it’s not perfect at all. A blog entry in full is a rare species. Usually it’s a thing with a “more? link that you have to click on to read the complete entry. So the rest of the entry does not make it to my email. Oh well. I think you can feel my frustration now.

links for 2006-02-03

February 3, 2006